MMR Vaccine

The MMR Vaccine (three in one) can prevent Measles, Mumps and Rubella Diseases. These are serious diseases caused by viruses, and are easily spread to other persons through the air.

Facts About Measles

The Measles virus causes fever, runny nose, red itchy eyes, cough, rash, ear and lung infections. Seizures (fits) can occur and damage the brain. This disease can also cause death.

Facts About Mumps

The Mumps virus causes fever, headache and swollen glands in the jaw. It can also lead to deafness. This virus can affect the brain and spinal cord (meningitis). It can also infect the testes (seed) and make men sterile.

Facts About Rubella

The Rubella (German Measles) virus causes mild fever, rash, swollen glands and arthritis. A woman who gets the disease in early pregnancy can lose the baby or the child can be born deaf, blind, with heart issues or mental retardation.

Who Can get the Vaccine and When Should it Be Given?

All children should get 2 doses of the vaccine before the age of 2 years.

First dose – 12 months old.

Second dose – 18 months old.

All females within the 15-45 years age group should be immunized to prevent them from getting the German Measles disease and passing it to their unborn child.

How do I Care for my Child After Immunization?

A few children may develop redness and slight pain at the injection site, or fever and rash. If these or any other reactions occur, get in touch with the nurse or doctor at the health centre.


Keep your child’s appointment at your health centre or doctor to continue his/her immunizations. Keep your child’s Child Health & Development Passport (or Immunization Card) clean and in a safe place, and bring it each time you take your child for vaccination.