Health Ministry rolls out digital vaccination card

Health Ministry rolls out digital vaccination card

Web portal opens on Monday

Beginning Monday, December 20, 2021, members of the public will be able to download their digital vaccination card from the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ website. The roll-out takes place as the Ministry streamlines its vaccination programme and provide Jamaicans with a secure and universally accepted card.

The digital vaccination cards will be accessible by a mobile phone or other electronic device and feature a Quick Response (QR) Code to enable the information in the card to be validated. The QR code will allow for validation of a person’s vaccination status without violating the right to privacy.

Speaking at last evening’s COVID-19 Conversation, Health and Wellness Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton highlighted that the digital card will, among other things, provide for ease of travel.

“Jamaica is aligning itself with global standards. Our vaccination card will be accepted by airlines and countries around the world. The vaccination records will be even more secure, and Jamaicans will need not worry about having their vaccination status verified for the purpose of business or leisure,” the Minister noted.

Persons will also have the ability to generate a new card on demand. The card can be printed on standard letter size paper.

To ensure that all Jamaicans have access to these cards, fixed vaccination sites will have a team of persons to support the public in the printing of cards on request.

Members of the public, upon accessing the Ministry’s portal for the digital vaccination card, must review their personal details to ensure that the correct information has been captured. Where errors are identified, persons will have the opportunity to correct them by uploading the information to the website.

Persons who do not find their vaccination record on the portal will also be able to upload their information.

Contact: Public Relations & Communications at 876-633-8174.

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Required Documents

  • Vaccination Card
  • TRN
  • Government Issued Identification OR Letter from a Justice of the Peace